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Go Processing team comprises of smart, innovative and dignified players. Every single member makes out his or her best move to take a long rise in their way to success. Their hunger and determination for achieving triumph makes the Go Processing an exceptional group of corporate divines. Go processing rolls around its customer group, rather than its employee, and tends to offer them best services for 100% satisfaction.


Managing Director, CTO, Founder
Managing Director and Founder, Key technical consultant and role player of all market growth & future strategic decisions.

Eventually manages all the subdivisions like technical department, IT department, technical research & development department, and strategic development. He pursued bachelor's course in engineering technology (B.Tech), and strongly aims to enhance the reach of his company wider, to the rural areas. He entered the typical market competition, since he was 14 years of age, on attaining the age of 18 he stood up with Go Processing and has taken it to high standards in short duration of time. He is highly skilled and experienced market player who has capabilities to unite technical & management features, including the values of his subordinates and their expectations.


Chief Marketing Officer, Co-Founder
Chief Marketing Officer, mentor of market strategies to operate for guideline preparation and annual sales growth.

Systematically manages the sales and marketing unit. Every particular target market strategy, including the niche market segment & market segmentation is counseled by her. Her perception has always been concentrated on grinding out a cream employee, keeping aside their past certificates and experiences. Even if an individual is tenth pass out he would be brushed up with his or her capabilities to get a successful lead manager in comparison to higher degree holders. She has been working as a lead member of Go Processing Limited since 2008, and pursued the course of Business management (MBA), in sales and marketing.


Head - Customer Relations
Service and Support Manager, Invigilator of retail and enterprise chain for all issues resolution & modification in their service.

He has been a key role player in boosting up a high bonding with the customers, and their value oriented approach. He conducts a regular telephonic meet with different group of customers including shopkeepers, retailers and distributors. The queries associated to enterprises chain and retail chains are observed systematically. Every individual query through instant mails, chats and telephones are eventually glanced by him. His motives behind such moves are just to give priority to the customer's primary choice, their expectation and 100% service satisfaction.


Deputy Manager - Retail Sales
A man who have loyalty towards the company where his works are more important than friendship or personal beliefs.

He comes with more decades of experiences in selling and boots up the marketing strategy and helping to improving market presence. His main motive is to retain more and more old customer in organization which act as a strong pillar and play a virtual role between both. He manages all his role and responsibility with his team in very controlling ways.


Deputy Manager - Retail Sales
Excellent organisational skills are a main requirement for marketing assistant roles.

He has a key from very young age to achieve his career in a path to think creative and open mind for his work to scale 2x height of the business. He never gives up in any stage and always has a positive attitude towards his goal. His sale strategies for marketing campaigns and excellent organizational skill which delivered out of box to every customer. His main objective to increase more and more customer from different region of India.

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