IVR Solutions

Serve Your End Users with our Special HTML Codes, to know their Response & Feedbacks 24x7.

Interactive voice response is a cloud based technology enabled solutions that generates the pre recorded voice, to serve all the queries of the callers. This technology is being used by enterprises to bring down their out of pocket expenses of sales, inquiries, customer service and other support calls. Through IVR-solutions the data processor can automatically produce a reaction to all the voice calls, and also use DTMF tones via keypad” with toll free number.

Why Go processing for Best IVR Technology?

Go processing uses same Cloud Computing Services to make an automatic contact with its clients and customer groups. Making connectivity to our organization has become quick and now our Interactive voice response is competent to attend over 500+ calls at a time, through immediate responses. No delay occurs while making an interconnection to the voice calls generation through our toll free number,, since we are the leading toll free number providers in India.

The Brilliancy Associated with our IVR Technology Allows for...
  • Extended Calling: Attending more than 500+ toll free number with customer calls at a time.
  • Automation: Automatic connectivity within a few seconds of making a call.
  • Fast Resolution: Immediate solutions to all the customer queries at a time through IVR-solutions.
  • Free Flow of Network: Congestion free network without a breach of calls while connecting.
  • Responsive Customer Support: 24x7 interactive voice responses, to sort out the customer inquiries and one of the best clicks to call service providers in India
  • DNIS Served: DNIS enabled technology, for making specific answers according to the language of caller with the use of Cloud Based Technology.
  • Used Widely: Our IVR-solutions are eligible for checking out inquiries associated to miss call solution provider in India with the mobile phones, banks, utilities, retail and travel booking.

Call Transfer

It allows you and your employees to stay connected from the road, at home or anywhere you go. With Call transfer, you and your employees can be reached on virtually any telephone in the world whether on your cell, in the office, or at home. Worldwide call transfer from Super Receptionist keeps you connected so you have the freedom to work from anywhere. Super Receptionist offers three types of call transfer

  • Sequential.
  • Round Robin.
  • Parallel.

Call Recording

Reference prior customer calls to resolve disputes, or secret shop your customer service team and use recorded calls as a training tool.

Voice Mail

Stay connected even if you cannot take a call. If you are away or unable to physically answer the call at any point in time, a message can be left so that the purpose of communication is achieved and the follow up work can continue unhindered.

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