Use Our Go Rupee for all Your Online Payment & Acquisition Transactions in a Convenient & Hassle Free Manner.

Go Rupee a new initial product offered at our Go Processing Limited interface is a special package existing and suitable for B2C clients. The different between a normal cash card and our cash card is that it could be used for all initial banking transactions, from any part of Indian location.

The reason we differ from other cash cards is due to...
  • Our specialty remains towards the group of B2C business or you may term it as clients. Entire group of business to client operations are supported with our Go Rupee card.
  • Our Go Rupee is powered by VISA, which makes it the most striking card found ever by any online aggregator. Our card could also be operated at various banks ATM machines, throughout the Indian locations, for all different monetary or financial transactions.
  • You may also make any category of money remittance or online banking transactions through our Go Rupee Cash Card.
  • Time to time we also offer various categories of bonus points to our customers or clients on their purchase. The points could be used for future transaction purpose and is valid for limited duration only.

We have really created a big surprise for all marketers and customers with our exceptional Go Rupee Cash Card. It would be a big surprise when a VISA powered card would be eligible for its use in legal financial transactions too.

  • Our cards are valid for a long term, which makes our clients more convenient to use it, without a concern of its expiry date.
  • Makes its access 24x7x365 round the clock for all transactions, our tie ups with various private and nationalized banks have made the use of such cards incredible.
  • Different products and services of Go Processing limited such as VAS Solution, API Services, Cloud Telephony services, Bus Ticket Booking services, IRCTC, hotel Booking services, cabs and money transfer could be performed through our Go Rupee Cash Card easily.
  • B2C card ever launched by any online aggregator industry, for all transaction purpose.
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