Infrastructure APIs

API - Application Programming Interface

Bulit the Customized Interface to Process Transactions in no Matter of Time.

Go Processing offers its products and services through a special set of API techniques, which mainly constitute of API Mobile Recharge, Online Payment Solutions API, Bills Payment API, DTH Recharge API and Ticket Booking API.

An application programming interface uses the set of special set of coding with live URLs, where a service is offered directly to the client's server in procedural codes. The Payment API could be accessed in two different modes such as test mode & Live Mode, and obtained through JSON, XML and HTML documentation.

The key units of API interface include...

  • Interface: It is a special procedural program that is accessed by the clients, to get involved in making their transactions selection.
  • Client Application: Broadly process and checks the Payment API Example offered by the other operating server.
  • Server application: Furnishes the API for getting it applied by the client application.

Feature of Go Processing API

  • One Roof: Poles apart services on a single server of one API interface.
  • Diverse Services: Includes Mobile recharge API, DTH Recharge API, Bills Payment API, Data Recharge API, India Recharge API, WEB chats services, SMS and WAP services under single host.
  • Round the Clock Support:24X7X365 customer service supports for quick resolution of inquiries. Our customer service would always serve you, with no limitation of time.
  • Refundable: Failed transactions amount is easily refunded to the client's account through our Auto Reconlication System
  • Convenient to Use: User friendly web interface for comfortable access with Payment API Example. No need to make any special attention or learning for using our web interface for transaction purpose.
  • Live Panel: Online MIS panel including batch request processing makes it's a leading API payment processing company.

Application Programming Interface (API) of Go Processing differs a lot in every state, while being compared to other service provider's sources. We offer the widest section of Online Payment API Services, and that too with great ease to both our customer group and business client. We have focused always to make our B2B and B2C clients get fully committed towards our service.

The Online Payment API Services we offer to our customer and best priced, as per the industry norms, and isn't comparable in any case from the rivals. As API payment processing company we have made some extensive collaboration with various partners of telecom industry, airline industry, DTH operators, Data card operators, Insurance partners, Hotel Partners and so on.

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