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Go Processing Limited is India's First Entrepreneur which provides 20+ services under one roof. We are fostering and cultivating the online payment industry for businesses and consumers by continuously providing novel products which simplify and improve their lives and delights them. Our core focus is to create innovative channels which can deliver value to people.

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20,000+ Happy Outlets

  • Round the Clock Support

    Our highly trained service staffs are available 24/7 for support via email or phone +91 11 6666 2323. Go Processing always aim customer satisfaction which lead to the success of us.
  • Transactions in Real Time

    Our existing infrastructure is capable of managing 500+ transactions in a second and has processed 10,00,00,000+ transaction in 3 years. GO Application Layer (GOAL) is a fully featured, robust and secure biller aggregation system providing single point payment solutions.
  • API - Application Programming Interface

    GOAL (GO Aggregation Layer) API is a set of web services that enable any application to utilize services provided by us. It is HTTP protocol based API with multiple Data Interchange Format support like Json, XML, Html. Our API has special authentication system based on IP Address having simple request structure.
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